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3 min readA Stunning New EP, ‘Z-Funk Era Vol. 1’, by Pretty Sister


Pretty Sister is taking funk to a whole new level with this EP!

The new Z-Funk Era Vol. 1 EP came out just a few days ago (Nov ‘18) and I’ve been blown away by the quality of the productions and overall vocal performance. Will 100% be part of the best grooves of November (find October edition here).

Anyway, you might be thinking, “who’s this awesome-looking fella, actually”? Let me give you a quick recap below.

Zak Waters is Pretty Sister’s actual name and was also his artist name until a few years ago. I remember stumbling upon his brilliant voice on Madeon’s track ‘The City’ in 2012 and while “Zak Waters” was not hidden per se, it was a bit in the shadow of Madeon’s success. I was therefore only stoked to hear it again on his own great EP ‘Lip Service’ and on Lenno’s track ‘Show More Love’, both in ‘13.

The change to Pretty Sister

In 2014 Zak needed a change after “[not really having] a uniform identity”, as he told Early Bird NYC in a great interview this summer. He further told about the change to the Pretty Sister name (or “brand”, as I guess we can term it):

“With Zak Waters, I never knew what it was supposed to look like as a character. I never considered what that was supposed to be. I think it’s hard when you’re just going as your name, because there’s a lot of stuff you won’t do when it’s attached to your name. You don’t think about it visually. You go: Well, that’s me – I’m Zak.”

“I knew exactly what I wanted stuff to look like and what imagery I wanted to associate with the Pretty Sister thing. It just opened up, it was so weird. Because the music isn’t much different from Zak Waters. It’s still funky, it’s still electronic, and it’s still me producing stuff. With Pretty Sister, I just knew I’d have a lot more freedom to be more of an artist, and more of an act.”

Basically, Pretty Sister was born and the new alias quickly went on to get huge success with a cover of the 90’s hit ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine which kick-started his popularity. Afterward we were presented great singles like ‘West Coast’ (also remixed by Lenno), dope featurings on a few originals, and finally a a couple of original tracks leading up to– and as part of the EP in question.

Now we’re here. Z-Funk Era Vol. 1 is out, and Zak has found not only his own style visually, but also a fantastic niche style sound rooted on my all-time favourite genre, funk. I’m not the one to explain exactly what Z-Funk is, and maybe it’s also not supposed to be.

You can listen and make your own opinion about this danceable blend of… neo-soul-pop and modern electro funk..? Haha 🕺

No matter what: All tracks are filled with fantastic feel-good vibes and I’m really feeling the brand new ‘My Jam’, in particular. Let’s hope Pretty Sister gets the international attention he deserves in 2019.

– And are we getting a Vol. 2? Can’t wait for that if true, that’s for sure 🙌🏼

Let me know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter, guys. Keep it groovy.

Support Pretty Sister

Get Z-Funk Era Vol. 1 on Spotify here. Find him on Instagram here and on Twitter here.


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