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Dance your way back to the summer months with Patawawa’s new wonderful single, ‘Wires’.

You basically don’t get much better than this now that the weather is changing, sun is down before you even notice, and there is a looong time till we feel the summer heat again (not you, Aussies, damn you).

‘Wires’ got the signature nu disco vibe you might know the charming disco trio from already, but you might notice a bit of tropical/latin in the second part. Really cool stuff and I’m really liking this track!

Kick back 🎧 Or get up 💃🏼 Either way enjoy this bop and read a bit about the track, their first tour ever in 2018, and what 2019 brings next. Cheers.

Patawawa – Wires

What’s up, Sam! Congrats on the new single! Can you tell people a bit about the track, style, and what inspired you when making it?

Rory was feeling inspired by the summer and showed Beth a backing track. They were struggling for words so looked around the room for inspiration, amazingly they were able to write a whole song about the wire that lead from the computer to the bass amp.

Well simple enough, haha! You’ve also been on tour in 2018! How was it?

It was truly brilliant! As our first ever tour we couldn’t have asked for anymore, it was amazing turning up to places we had never played and getting packed out rooms, we just can’t wait for the next one!!

Awesome, would’ve loved to see you. Maybe DK next! I was thinking, is there a moment that really stands out to you now that it’s your first tour and all?

I think a special moment for us all was when we played London on a Wednesday night and it was packed out, we couldn’t believe it, it was such a great show as well, the vibes were very high indeed!!

What is 2019 bringing for Patawawa?

Lots and lots of things! We are dropping a brand new EP early next year which we are absolutly buzzing about so keep eyes out for that! Gigs wise we are doing another UK tour and I think a European tour and lots of festivals!!

That’s dope, can’t wait to hear it. I’ve linked your playlist in the bottom of the post too; is there any specific acts that you’d like to highlight for people that love your style? Or just some general artist recommendations?

There is so much great music about at the moment and I love finding it. A few artists to look out for are Franc Moody, EKKAH, Benny Sings, Kraak and Smaak, Parcels and Teeers.

Thanks, Sam! Finally, any shoutouts to people or on your journey so far?

A massive shout out to just anyone that is listening to our music or has come to see us live, we wouldn’t be doing it without that so thank you!!

And thanks to you guys for a bit of background info and just general awesome mood. Have a great Winter, Christmas and start of 2019! 🙂

Patawawa’s Party Playlist

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