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3 min read5 Great Artists in Moullinex’ Hypersex Remix Release


You’ll be as surprised as me, I think. While I’ve loved remixes for over a decade now and often carefully listen to remix EPs to discover artists—I’ve never quite tried anything like this before.

Usually a few remixes are not to one’s liking, but there is something about this Hypersex remix EP. It’s based on the 2018-album made by the brilliant artist Moullinex (he made one of the best albums of the year), and I guess his disco label, Discotexas, decided “let’s just release only pure groovy remixes” 🙌

What surprised me equally much, though, was that the remixers are some I’ve barely ever heard of. I was therefore stoked to get new talents to follow, and with all this positivity surrounding this EP it only felt natural to do a quick write-up for you guys in case you haven’t heard of them either.

Basically all of below could’ve easily been in the selection of October’s best grooves. Check out if you haven’t already—a total of 47 tracks you can groove to for hours

Anyway, here it goes guys.

The new quality talents

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First up is MEERA – and what a pleasant surprise it was to hear them! Never heard of this new trio before, but definitely will keep a close eye out for them moving forward. Huge quality in this remix but also in their two releases so far, ‘Fine Without You’ and the just released ‘Little of Your Time’ (also in Best of the Month).

Then there is Mr Mitsuhirato. A guy that doesn’t seem to make a lot of music, at the moment (publicly, that is). It’s however clear that he making some really cool productions if you look back a few years. The original ‘Love Love Love’ from Hypersex is great, but this adds a bit more smooth house-factor to it.

The duo Wild & Free has been active for 3 years which technically doesn’t make them “new”, but they haven’t been on my radar so far, at least! Their take one ‘Say It Slow’ is really cool, though, with some raw house vibes.

YANAGUI surprised me a lot as well. Maybe the most of all, because there is absolutely no info on him. Some huge quality electronic vibes hits you hard on this one, and the keys solo ending is just exquisite.

It was Romance Orchestra who made me give this remix package a closer look, because they reached out directly to me a few weeks back. Their remix is one of the best in the release, and also why they are part of the October-selection. There are elements that are even better than the original ‘Carnival’ tune, even though that it clearly one of the top tracks of the album.

The established quality artists

The YUKSEK remix in this release alone would make EP great. Damn it’s funky. With a sweet electronic groove he truly makes ‘Dreamy’ into a dreamy disco funk tune. I’ve really opened my eyes to YUKSEK in 2018, and you’ll also find him as part of the latest monthly selection from October with a remix of Purple Disco Machine. He’s been quite active lately, and when it’s quality every time, he will—in my mind—naturally position himself as a top artist of 2018.

Wayward is also on it and yet again brings his amazing disco house vibes with him into this EP makes a completely different ‘Say It Slow’; no vocals, just warm summer nights vibes but also includes some delicious acid synths in the end.

Hope you enjoyed this remix EP as much as I did and found a few new artists too.



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Such a good selection of remixers! Moullinex talks about it in this recent video interview:

He also talks about his live show and his plans for new music!