1 min readFuture Beats And R&B Blend in Misha’s Single, ‘One’


You’re going to love Misha if you’ve been down with the steady flow of smooth neo-electro-r&b released the last couple of years.

I thought of Moods when I first heard this track; the light housy/r&b feel, mixed with future beats and… yeah.

Genres are hard to define, haha, but the vibe is so modern and fresh that’s for sure – like Moods!

Anyhow, the Finnish producer’s new single, ‘One’,  is a clean and groovy release out now, perfect for the holidays ahead ⭐️ Make sure you give his other tunes a listen through below links.

Find the track on all platforms here, and follow Misha on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook.

Stereofox Records is distributing the release this time again after going with some crisp electro beats from Handbook last month.

It’s shaping up to be a great start for the newly founded label – I’m definitely looking forward to more releases in 2019!

If you’re up for similar music like Misha’s ‘One’, check out some of the music from artists like:

Duñe (and other Roche Musique artists), JackLNDN, Joe Hertz, Cabu, and the lovely Klyne (who happened to have vanished off the face of the earth? 😕).

Hope you enjoyed, and make sure you check out the new curated list of Christmas groves here, if you have already.

Cheers guys 🎄


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