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You’re loving good grooves but don’t have any Halloween-themed ones…

Fear not! Groovilant’s here for you ✌️🎃

Check out the selection of 9 dope tracks below—they’ll get you boppin’ just right.

Jackie -- Booo-gie

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Starting off with a producer who’s simply not getting enough attention. Maybe he doesn’t want it, I don’t know, but the music that Jackie delivers is always quality.

Take this newly released track above; you can really hear that the Polish producer knows what he’s doing, blending in samples, old school vibes and nu disco elements that all goes so well together.

This track will be a Halloween classic for years to come if more people discover it—I’m sure!

Here are some of my favorite tracks from him: Two years ago Boogie Part 2 was released and four years ago Part 1 was out. Quite an amazing trio of tracks, I’d say!

Also make sure you check out ‘When We Are Together‘ and ‘Gym Master V’ in his Gym Master Series which also include some more really cool disco tracks. My favorite of all his tunes might be the infectious and slow funk track ‘Your Swag Is Mine‘.

Fonkynson -- Annabelle Theme

Next one is a wonderful track by the Canadian producer Fonkynson. I remember stumbling upon one of his early tracks in his EP, ‘Thirsty’, some years ago, mainly because of the very distinguishing cover art. I was promised disco vibes and that was what I got; hooked instantly from there on!

You can hear how beautifully Fonkynson used the Annabelle theme and turned it into an irresistible retro track that I’m sure any Halloween party would enjoy. I love getting reminded of it every year, at least.

Before you move on, make sure you check out his second EP on iTunes, ‘Horny‘, which is even more retro and synthwavy in a really cool way. His album from two years ago, ‘#followme‘, was also a pleasure. I’m actually unsure if he was ever active after that—I’ll check up on that!

Stranger Things Theme (Louis Futon Flip)

What is Halloween without Stranger Things these days, amiright? And what better way than getting reminded of the quality series with a Louis Futon flip of the Stranger Things theme.

It’s honestly so catchy, even though it’s some more dark electronic grooves. It takes the retro feel of the show and blends it with Futon’s amazing creativity and skills of creating beats.

And if you haven’t already, you MUST check out his other stuff; there are groovy gems hidden everywhere in his tracks. You’ll also notice on his social media what great producing skills he’s got.

Ghostbusters (Kill Paris Remix)

Watch out, the bass is loud and banging in this one! A bit out of the normal scope of Groovilant, but the electro and glitch grooves from Kill Paris are wild. I really enjoyed this dude’s productions 5 years ago and especially his To A New Earth EP (Spotify) – I couldn’t get enough of the funky bass music and still enjoy it every once in a while.

Joakim Karud -- Halloween Funk

Here’s a song (and artist) I discovered for last year’s Halloween and thought he was surprisingly cool! Joakim Karud is taking electronic music and a good deal of grooves to the mainstream.

Plays and followers are through the roof, but it truly is some quality productions he deliver and he’s super open about them being used for different purposes.

..and yeah, I know, it’s not really a Halloween-themed song; but hey, the name is there, and when I hear the vocal sample in the background, I’m imagining a zombie—or something—haha. Let me know what you think, though!

Gnarls Barkley -- The Boogie Monster

I was a HUGE fan of Gnarls Barkley back in the mid 00’s; I think it might’ve been one of my favorite acts and one that really inspired me to think differently of what music I listen to.

They made ‘The Boogie Monster’ on their first album which was a clear 6/6 album for me. It’s pretty fitting for Halloween I think, so of course I’ve included it!

EDIT 31/10: New Halloween-themed podcast episode from Mayer Hawthorne!

Finally, I have a few classics that I think deserves a shout-out, and some songs that maybe could get sampled for a nu disco life in the future. Listen below and I hope you enjoyed the post and discovered some new music—have a great Halloween! 🎃

Hot Blood -- Soul Dracula

Meco -- Love Me, Dracula

Cerrone -- Supernature


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