2 min readSmooth Vibes in Flamingosis’ New ‘Skyline Drive’


‘Skyline Drive’ once again proves Flamingosis is such a skilled craftsman.

The blend of vintage funk, disco, and modern beats that Flamingosis can put together is always stunning. And I’m not overdoing it here, I don’t think I can name a bad track in his collection.

Flamingosis have music for so many different moods and occasions, and even though many tracks a smooth and lovely like the new ‘Skyline Drive’, I understand he’s throwing a mean party at his live shows too.

I’m still looking forward to experience his live shows, but it requires him to go on a European tour and past Denmark at one point. Perhaps with a few friends. Would be dope to experience.

If you want more grooves, Flamingosis was part of the monthly selection in September where he was featuring on the new dope RECESS EP. Also check out the 47 grooves released in October right here!

Dope Flamingosis collabs

To end the post I’ve included a few of his collab-tracks to remind us all how amazing this dude is with friends as well. This collective of beat makers are taking over the US now, and I hope bookers from around the world is soon giving them all a chance out of their home country.

His Flight Fantastic album was out in July, wonderful must-have grooves all through the album and this one with Birocratic is just amazing.

One of my favourite producers alongside Flamingosis is YUNG BAE. They already have a few collab tracks going, but this one is quite a stunning one.

Stereocool has been a long time favourite for me, so I was happy to see him involved in the Flamingosis’ beat making adventures a few years ago.

Finally, this brilliant track with Tendencies is one that was a top-5 track of the year back in February 2016.

Cheers guys.


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