1 min readLondon Vibes: Fabich, Pastel, & Jafunk Join Forces in Party Jam, ‘Ecstasy’


Some of the biggest talents on the modern R&B-house scene joined forces with lovely singer, Liska, to make the party anthem.

I’ve been following the three London-based producers, Fabich, Pastel, and Jafunk for a few years now and it’s safe to say that they’ve been basically flawless the entire time!

Fabich and Jafunk also teamed up on the highly recommendable ‘Back to Life’ little over a year ago and this time the youngster Pastel compliments with some fantastic grooves (pretty sure he’s on the guitar in the end!).

With latin elements (right?) and a signature uptempo and groovy vibe, ‘Ecstasy’ is set to to instantly brigthen up the day! Enjoy.

Fabich, Jafunk & Pastel Feat. Liska – Ecstasy

A huge recommendation should go out to each one of these guys. I remember how Jafunk blew my mind some years ago with ‘Up 2 U’ and ‘This Thing’ and how Fabich have killed it with several amazing collabs.

A special shout out should, however, go out to French multi-instrumentalist, Pastel, who continuously surprise me with his vibes. This is his sixth single release of 2019 – all huge quality.


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