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Kick back and enjoy these amazingly smooth grooves. This final curated list of the best music released in November, all based on a huge playlist with 50+ tracks.

I also curated a few other lists you might like: the best disco and funk, the perfect party grooves, and then also the biggest talents who released music in Nov ’18.

Hope you enjoy below! If you do, it would mean the world if you shared with a friend 🕺

Laster – Leaf Drop

French producer, Laster, is a huge talent. I’m seeing 2019 could be a defining year for him looking back at how he’s been doing and getting featured in 2018. ‘Leaf Drop’ has got a fantastic vibe, and you’ll hear his signature guitar riffs played perfectly throughout the track. Something he’s been doing brilliantly since the first time I heard him on ‘Night Club’ only a few years ago.

FKJ – Is Magic Gone

FKJ is one of my absolute favourite artists. Multi-instrumentalists have always amazed me just on their own, but with FKJ being self-taught and, at the same time, is one who takes grooves seriously and beautiful beats, it almost doesn’t get any better. Naturally featured the single last month too.

Yakul – Bad Karma Ft. Rob Araujo

One of the biggest surprises of the month. Haven’t heard about Yakul before, but they really blew my mind with this track. Rob Araujo is amazing with the synths as always, but you can also hear the quality in the collective’s sound when he’s not on! Definitely keeping an eye for them.

Forrest. – Lately w/ RYCE & Biskwiq

Such a catchy track made by super talented people (and sure, might not be the chillest of all tunes, but it’ll do). I’m very excited to see what 2019 can bring for these guys but especially Biskwiq is one that caught my eye in 2018. I think he’ll really go places.

Flamingosis – Skyline Drive

Flamingosis is on my top 5 of artists I can’t wait to see live. That guy is so talented and have been listening to his sampled grooves for so many years now. Also featured this single back in November.

Styles in Black – Treat You Right

Thankful that Styles in Black reached out last month with this awesome chillhop track. Placed right after Flamingosis as these two go very well together. Looking forward to follow this dude in 2019, and make sure you check out his other wonderful, new-ish tune ‘Stay True’ on the cloud.

iamalex – Take My Hand

Also featured this track in a post about the best grooving talents from November. Definitely check that out. The Dane is amazing and I hope he’ll get to shine even more in 2019. I’m placing my bets on it for sure!

ProleteR – April Showers

The ingenious producer, ProleteR, re-released this beauty of a track last month, and it’s honestly one that won’t ever grow old (been part of my chill playlists since 2011 or 12). Amazing use of samples and added groove.

Handbook – Can’t Talk Now

Featured these soulful electro beats last month, and it definitely deserves a spot here as well. Handbook’s been a great producer for years now, and seeing him on Stereofox’ new label is the perfect and promising fit.

Saux – Painting

Lovely chill/pop tune from Saux. Always been a big fan of this guy’s vocals; warm, smooth, and great with a disco/pop inspired vibe. Been on my radar since he remixed Shy Girls five years ago, and I’ve really enjoyed ‘For I Know’ the last year’s time.

BONUS: INÜIT – Tomboy (20syl Remix)

Ahhh, and I forgot the amazing 20syl! His electro grooves in this one are perfectly smooth too. Can’t wait to finally see him live again after he played with C2C at Roskilde Festival in the Summer of 2013.

Hope you enjoyed the selection, stay tuned for next month’s lists coming up soon!



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