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2019 has started out great for groovy music and it’s already looking promising for the rest of the year.

I’ll have the complete January playlist ready in a little while (following December’s playlist), but I just couldn’t wait with covering the best chill grooves first.

Below are some truly stunning releases – hope you’re ready to dig in!

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Cloudchord – Alegria

Hard to describe how great this track is. Cloudchord hits the spot perfectly with some warm, quality summer vibes that instantly get you in a good mood. Derek has released so many wonderful tracks in 2018 and I can’t wait to see where 2019 takes him! Grab the release on all platforms here.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for small awesome live performances (and general updates, of course).

Pandrezz x L’indécis x j’san – Chinese Food

Pandrezz, L’indécis, and j’san teamed up to make a jazzy and super groovy hip hop EP a few days ago, which is honestly incredible. Above is the lovely ‘Chinese Food’ but my favourite might be ‘Cheers!’ or ‘Riverside’ with ØDYSSEE. Superb release to kick off 2019.

Yasper – Arcade

New producer on my radar! Amsterdam-based producer Yasper delivers a delicious, almost boogie-like blend that makes for a smooth and uplifting experience. Definitely keeping an eye out for this dude!

Matt Quentin – Home

Matt has—since I discovered him in 2018—blown me away with his guitar craftsmanship. Always creative and stunning chill beats, and this time with an almost romantic single, ‘Home’, which marks his 2019 return and promises a soon-to-be-released EP (on vinyl too). I can’t wait.

SwuM – Don’t know why

SwuM has established himself as one of leading lo-fi hip hop producers in the game over the past year – and with good reason. The creative juices don’t seem to stop flowing for the US producer. Back in December he also released a lo-fi Christmas album that of course made it to the complete list of modern Christmas grooves that I made for the holidays.

K CAP — Acquaintance

K CAP, short for his real name Kevin Capasso, reached out in the beginning of January and while I couldn’t find the room to post his track at the time, now is perfect. The US producer made a cool album featuring future beats and experimental vibes and ‘Acquaintance’ is certainly on of my favourites.

Rogyr – Voyage Interplanétaire

Since the tunes ‘ILY’ and ‘Tenter la Fortune’ showed up in my SC feed I’ve been enjoying Rogyr’s lovely vintage funk vibes regularly. When he kick-started 2019 with above banger, though, I instantly added him to the ones to watch for the year; hope to hear more!

Cody G – new drop

Cody G pimped up Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Swang’ to be a more pleasant and wavy hip hop tune that I’m sure you’ll enjoy on a sunny afternoon.

Handbook – Don’t Go

Handbook also kicked off 2019 with style. The vocal sample “Let there be looove” is perfectly fitting for what this year will hopefully be all about; so let’s hope for that – and more Handbook tunes, of course.

daste – SOBER

The Australian trio daste only had to release two singles to put themselves on the list of quality bands. The second one is ‘SOBER’ and–boy–they are doing it right. Check my feature of their single here.

Leaf Beach – City Lights

Leaf Beach delivers a mellow and smooth instrumental hip hop tune for the beat pushers at HIP DOZER. Great stuff that sends me right back to his album, Arrival, he released in 2018.

Linoskiii & Rythmatical – Wavelengths (Ft. Praze)

Honourable mention. It has such promising vibes but I have to be honest and say it’s a little bit too grainy for my taste. I appreciate lo-fi stuff and raw elements, but if this is on purpose, I’m not liking it, unfortunately – what do you think?

Thanks for reading and listening through! If you’re up for more, make sure you check out:

Cheers, my groovesters.


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