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10 min read26 Must-Hear Grooves Released in September


No doubt about it, September of 2018 was a great month for groovy music. Find the best grooves here!

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Find an overview of all tracks right below (👇👇) if you need it! Enjoy fellas.

Electro Deluxe – Keep My Baby Dancing (20syl Remix)

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20syl is one of my absolute top producers. First he was part of C2C, a fantastic band I saw live a few years back at Roskilde Festival (would be so dope to see them reunited for some more shows!), however, in recent years Sylvian Richard’s been focusing on his solo project as well as Alltta with Mr. J Medeiros. Alltta was instantly another favorite duo of mine and it just underlines that I will ever grow tired of 20syl’s fantastic production skills and infectious grooves.

Mullaha – Funky Thing ⭐️

Still can’t get enough of Madeon-like grooves? Look no further with London-based Mullaha. ‘Funky Thing’ is exactly what it promises; and even more. Electro funk-fantastic.

Birocratic – keep me satisfied

The super talented beat maker Birocratic released a ‘thank you’-track when he hit 50k SoundCloud followers, and we’re given some awesome vibes and choice of samples. One of the US producers I really, really would love to hear in Europe one day. I hoping for some collective booking of Flamingosis, Birocratic, Yung Bae, etc. to Europe (and Denmark of course). Would be the dream.

La Felix – Get To You (Ft. Joshua Moriarty)

Another Frenchman, La Felix, released a tremendous new disco pop single last month too. La Felix is a long time favorite with singles like the Daft Punk-inspired “You Wanna Know” and the insanely funky remix of Oliver and Alex Metric.

I could’ve picked the remix by Funk LeBlanc as well, but you’ll notice the dude on the next track! These two artists in one song is an amazing cocktail, though. Both super talented and a pair who definitely should get more recognition—I’ll do my part in the future!

Funk LeBlanc – Knights Of Neon

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The huge talent Funk LeBlanc is actually from San Francisco but plays the most amazing french touch. This one is hugely inspired by Daft Punk (he even says so), but it doesn’t make it any bad whatsoever. Quite the opposite actually; this is a outstanding tune that pays great respect to the French legends.

DANSU – Love Is Ours ⭐️

The indie band Dansu is sensational, not gonna lie. Regrettably, I only just discovered them, so here’s a recommendation: Follow and get invovlved immediately! On the warm September afternoon I head Love Is Ours, I spend basically rest of my waking hours listening to their indie grooves on repeat. I was simply blown away by the quality. Listen above and make sure you find their other tracks on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform.

Bondax – Give It Back

There is not much more to say: Bondax released one of the best albums of 2018 back in September. There are sooo many good tracks on it and ‘Give It Back’ is just one of my favorites. I understand that they’ve worked insanely hard to finish it for many years now, and one can really hear the quality shine through in every aspect. In case you can’t hear the full thing on SoundCloud, head over to Spotify for the full album, ‘Revolve’.

Jarreau Vandal – Breathe Fire Ft. Sam Wills

The insanely skilled Jarreau Vandal also released his debut album, Anthology, in September and on it you’ll find several exquisite productions. I really enjoy the grooves on ‘Breathe Fire’ with Sam Wills on some amazing vocals, but ‘What You Saying?’ featuring TĀLĀ and ‘Moonlight’ with Hollie Carmen & Jay-Way are also two fantastic tracks. There is a lot of hip hop on the album too, so go check that out if you’re also into that! Full album on SoundCloud right here.

westby – Livin’

Another talent in this thread is Westby, a young dude from Norway. I don’t know what’s up with Norway, but they really have a thing for disco and grooves that I absolutely love (Todd Terje, anyone?). There are not yet many tracks from the artist just yet, but make sure you follow him to get the latest in the future – very promising beats!

Funky Boogie Brothers – Nothing But A Heartache Every Day

Super funky grooves from the the Funky Boogie Brothers! Oldschool vocal sample wrapped in breakbeat vibes that I think speaks to more than the regular breakbeat and ghetto funk lovers – mainstream funk lovers will love it! Really cool work.

Brown Sugar (Myles Jasnowski Remix) ⭐️

Now that we’re walking talents in this thread, let’s peak right now! I’m no expert, but I think I know a talent when I hear one: UK-based Myles Jasnowski will no doubt break through in the coming years. You have most likely heard about Tom Misch if you’re on this site, so, if you dig that kind of music, you have to follow Myles immediately. Check out some of his guitar skills in e.g. his first album and tell me that ain’t a soon-to-be star!

Skylar Spence – Carousel

Next up is Skylar Spence with with his latest single, “Carousel”. In case this lovely human being is new to you, he actually started as Saint Pepsi, but had to change name when he became popular (legal issues with, yes, Pepsi). After a small break he was back with two new singles in September.

Ryan is a wonderful person and talented producer at once, and has been for many years. I was lucky to see him live in Copenhagen a few years back, and hope to see him again in the near future!

Jafunk – One On One (ft. Aaron Pfeiffer)

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I’ve been following Jafunk for several years now and has been in love with his tracks “Why Would You” and “Up 2 U“ ever since. A fantastic London producer who focuses on groovy, housy pop music, something that works really well on the dancefloor! Really diggin’ his new single with quality vocals from always amazing Aaron Pfeiffer.

KOPS – Salvation

Well, of course I’m bringing a dane into this very first blog post now that I have the chance! KOPS is a guy I stumbled upon on Spotify when he released his first single “Takes 1 2 Know 1” about a year ago; it blew me away and I was like “This is too good. Can’t be only one single!?”. He later made a few more and you should definitely stay tuned for even more productions from this dude—he’s going places!

Van Bobbi – Morro Bay (JNL Remix)

Keeping the electro funk flowing, a remix by JNL of Van Bobbi’s wonderful track ‘Morro Bay’ was also released. I remember I really enjoyed the original track some years ago; at the time Van Bobbi was named something else, but I don’t remember exactly. Yeah I know, nice info, haha. This is a great take on the original though and lovefully to be reminded of it.

komzi komza, KEYNA – Drinks ‘N Fries

Hey, already two groovy, Danish acts in one month? Crazy. I don’t know much about komzi komza yet, actually, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for this funky pop duo. I know they are friends with KOPS, so maybe we’ll see a collab in the future? Let me know what you think.

✿ MACROSS 82-99 ✿ – Cool Soda

MACROSS 82-99 is a dude I’ve been following ever since I discovered future funk about five years ago (I think). Such a great artist and no doubt up there with the best future funk artists in the game. This new track is no different, and the way he plays with the old disco vibes, and blends in a bit of Nintendo vibes is a nice twist. He also just released his album on Bandcamp – definitely give it a listen!

RECESS – Voyager (feat. Late Night Radio And Flamingosis) ⭐️

Woooh, there we go. New EP from RECESS out and it’s an absolutely can’t-miss thing. Top, top production value and the people they’ve been working with is just straight up awesome. Above track is with the two legendary (in my eyes) producers Flamingosis and Late Night Radio who brings their sampled disco and electro soul vibes with them into this tune. Banger. Full EP here.

iamalex – Tell Me

Superb chilled funk track from the iamalex whose older track I’m using as intro/outro to podcast! And now three Danes in one post, wow. This dude is a favorite though, super talented and he recently got his first 1 million Spotify streams on a single track. He’ll only go places from here!

Ghostnaut Feat. Raw Collective – A Dream feat Kid Abstrakt & Raw Deezy ⭐️

Towards the end of this post, let’s get some dope hip-hop beats in. Ghostnaut and the people from Raw Collective are soon releasing “From Montréal to Welly” which could very well be one of the albums of the year! Take a listen let me know if you agree. “A Dream” and “Tribes” are two of three full songs currently available on stream and they are fantastic. You should also definitely check out the remix from L’indécis—very smooth and well-produced take on the original.

Barney Artist – Breakdown Cover (Prod. by Tom Misch)

And we’re not done with the hip-hop vibes or dope albums just yet. Myles may be the new Tom Misch, but the real deal is still up there as one of my absolute favorite artists of all time. I saw him in Copenhagen back in March, and what-a-fantastic-concert. Blown away by his quality.

Here he produced for the upcoming rapper, Barney Artist, who can be really proud of his new album, “Home Is Where The Art Is”. Check out the whole thing on your favorite platform, and make sure you give Lullaby, Something True, and Merchants w/ Jordan Rakei a good listen. One of the albums of the year!

ØDYSSEE – world is

The Parisian beat maker also released the grooves in September! ‘world is’ is a short and sweet experience with super cool lo-fi elements that makes for a delightfully raw listening experience.

MAXGONZ – Alleyways

Never heard of MAXGONZ before, but was checking out HIP DOZER and heard this little electro-jazz gem in the feed. I know I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them in the future!

khai dreams – Come True w/ Forrest, Biskwiq & Wizard Island

For this one there are no less than EIGHT young talents on. That’s gotta be the the reason why this production is so great. Slow and crisp groove produced by the awesome Biskwiq, Wizard Island, and friends (see full list on SoundCloud)—and then some dope indie vocals to round it off! All made in cabin not long ago. Amazing. I’m definitely keeping my eye out for these young stars.

The Tribe Of Good – Turning It Up For The Sunshine ⭐️

The London-based collective, The Tribe Of Good, released a massive first single in September. After remixing Duke Dumont to perfection they show that their originals are just as good. Keep an eye out for this vintage soul and disco-infused band – I can’t wait to hear more!

Breakbot – Devotion (feat. Irfane)

Finally, I’ll end this post with one of artists that I love and admire for the quality released over more than 7 years now. Breakbot is a genius, and once again together with Irfane they made a fantastic EP that was released on the 28th September. Go check out the ‘Another You’ EP on Spotify.

UPDATE 30/10:

MadD3E – Note To Self (Ft. Maydien)

Didn’t notice this great track from MadD3E with Maydien on vocals before now! New track in October’s selection too, definitely check that out. MadD3E is a really dope, upcoming producer.

Hoodboi – Glide feat. Tkay Maidza (Peto D Remix)

Also noticed this amazing remix from a totally unknown Peto D! Winner of the remix competition by Hoodboi and now on my radar moving forward 🔥

That’s it guys. Which one is your favorite? Which grooves did I forget to mention? Throw a comment below or hit me up on Twitter—then I’ll add them, of course!



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