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You’re here. Discovering. Being curious. I like that 🙏🏼

Honestly so many tracks in October I could barely fit them all in here (got 10+ honorable mentions in the bottom). My 27th birthday was btw also in October. Coincidence?

Anyway, I hope you’re ready. Let’s just jump right in to it?

UPDATE: Check out November’s many grooves right here.

Find an overview of all tracks right below here (👇👇) and read about the artists and tracks! Enjoy.

Purple Disco Machine -- Encore (YUKSEK Remix)

What a track to start out with by the super experienced Frenchman YUKSEK. I’ve never seen him as a huge favourite, but this has changed in 2018. Now he’s an essential part of almost any playlist I make. So much funk, disco, and great collabs that I’m always stoked to hear new releases from him. This particular remix of the already stunning Purple Disco Machine original is one of the best tracks currently out there.

The Knocks -- Goodbyes (feat. Method Man) (Yung Bae Remix)

Aaand let’s move directly to another impressive track made by two acts that mean so much to me. The Knocks I’ve followed closely for more than five years now all the way back from ‘Magic’ to their new album ‘New York Narcotic’ in Sep ‘18 (get it on all other channels here); Yung Bae has—over the last couple of years—positioned himself as one of my current top 5 artists around. Together in one track nothing could go wrong—this one will be hot for so long!

Franc Moody -- Night Flight

Franc Moody should be no stranger to the disco lovers of you guys. With one bopping track after the other I’d say the band has found their spot as one of the most promising new disco acts out there. Check out more here in the post from our fellas at DYLTS and consider buying some dope merch (I just bought a t-shirt).

Pastel & Maydien -- G.T.F.O.H.

Pastel’s new tune is currently only sporting 7k on SC and 12k Spotify-plays despite the huge quality. Hope that’ll change cus I’m gonna say it straight up: This dude’s got a super promising future! A lot of variety in his productions, and all of it is produced to perfection. Get it here.

Anomalie -- Madison

Another amazing artist out of the Lowtemp family is Anomalie who’s currently on a world tour with his new EP Métropole (he sadly didn’t stop in Denmark). Nicolas Dupuis, his real name, appears to be a musical genius, and I can’t wait to experience him live one day. Experimental vibes that has so much French groove and draws on years experience from being a classical– and jazz pianist. Free download here.

Pure Colors -- A Day In San Junipero

Atlanta multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer, Joey Tuholski aka Pure Colors have grown into a unique and really great artist over the last couple of years. I remember when he reached out to me about 1,5 years ago with ‘Need Ya Know’ and it was obvious he got something great going for him. In October he released his new EP ‘San Junipero’ that draws (a least a bit) inspiration from the fantastic Black Mirror episode of the same name. And what an EP. The grooves are absolutely stunning in all of the four tracks, and it’s certainly one of the top EPs in 2018. Definitely keep an eye out for this dude in 2019; he’s got music and live shows coming up!

Guggenz -- Get Loose

Minneapolis-based Guggenz is sorta like Franc Moody and Pure Colors in regards to delivering quality music on a constant basis and he has found a fantastic niche that fits him so well. Mike Guggenbuehl started in the hyped electro hip hop scene years ago, but is now producing wonderfully groovy music with use of tons of amazing samples. In October he released his second dope album (Bandcamp) in 2018, where especially above track , ‘Coast‘ and ‘Canadian Tuxedo‘ are absolutely banging.

JKriv Feat. Adeline -- Vertigo

Joey Negro has a major voice on the soulful and disco-tinged house scene for decades now. This popularity he’s used to open the label ‘Z Records’ which in October gave us an instant disco classic by JKriv. With stunning live instrumentation and wonderfully performed vocals from Adeline we have one of the best disco tracks of 2018; a track that could just as well be from the 70’s.

KhruangBin -- Evan Finds The Third Room (Flamingosis Edit)

The legendary Flamingosis was featured in last month’s selection as well, and is now back with another remix of the legendary KhruangBin. And yes, you guessed it: The track is also legendary.

BLOWSOM -- Last Call

One of the biggest talents in this thread is BLOWSOM. I remember finding his fantastic track ‘Sun’ a couple of years ago, where his voice blew me away. And what a production value as well? Could that really just be him alone?

And as if that wasn’t enough, he surprised me with the recorded live performance which sealed the deal: This guy is absolutely going places. ‘Last Call’ is part of his new EP of the same name which is a beautifully funky piece that will live on for a long time.

Doktor Plekter -- Kriminell

Only 300 followers?!? Also one of biggest talents in this thread is Norwegian producer Doktor Plekter. I can’t stress enough how great this track is, and the whole new EP he released as well is huge quality for a first original release. This is a guy you can’t miss and one I’ve already made sure to reach out to and get all future releases in my inbox!

Mulle Beats -- Just Start!

So many good albums this month! Mulle Beats also released a fantastic one named Pax Tecum. The German has such a unique sound that has so many diverse elements—and his own great vocals. I really hope this guy reaches some new people with this album!

Super Paolo -- Funk City (B. Bravo Remix)

Then on to one of most surprising tracks is this wonderfully funky remix by B. Bravo. Definitely going to keep an eye out for this guy, didn’t even know him before 💃🏼

Barney Artist -- Good To Be Home (feat. Tom Misch, Loyle Carner & Rebel Kleff)

Barney Artist and Tom Misch is on it again! After the stunner album by Barney Artist, they also released a track featured on FIFA 19. Wonderful vibes that has Loyle Carner and Rebel Kleff on it as well. Unsure why it’s on EMPLEX, but Barney approved in on YouTube, so there’s that! Get it here.

Me & My Toothbrush -- A Kid With a Dream

Me & My Toothbrush has been producing marvellous danceable funk for years now, and they are perfect to get a party fired up! Check out my favourites on their artist page (coming soon).

GIBBZ -- Open Your Arms

I first noticed GIBBZ as singer on Gramatik’s legendary album ‘The Age of Reason’. Since then the Brooklyn-based artist has been involved in several great projects, and now his first album is out everywhere. Quite the journey so far, and the album, ‘These Are The Love Songs’, is one he can be proud of.

Moods -- Slow Down Feat. Damon Trueitt

Moods is another artist that has grown to be an essential piece of my music library. One soulful and funky tracks after the other culminated as a first class album in October where this track with Damon Trueitt is just stunning. You have to check the full thing out (after this full post of course, haha).

Dim Sum -- Ange

Dim Sum is blending indie with deep house and disco in this one, and I’m really digging the outcome!

Birocratic -- belly breathing

Birocratic aka Brandon is once again found on this monthly round-up. Find him on the September version, where he celebrated 50k on SoundCloud! Now he’s back with one of the best tracks on the Chillhop Fall 2018 release with exquisite chill vibes.

Cody G -- with you

Staying in the same chill niche, here’s also Cody G with a wonderful and smooth tune! Featuring this guy soon on the podcast, so stay tuned!

ED. -- Here I am

Really cool future funk from ED. who’s been true to this genre for long now. Two albums in 2017 and 2018 respectively, definitely go check them out!

The Kount & Falcxne -- Shakedown

Staying in the same niche, the wonderful collective, Voyage Funktastique (lead by Walla P), also featured a great modern funk tune from the talented producers The Kount and Falcxne. Really diggin these boogie-infused vibes.

Jenaux -- Could This Be Love

Huge quality vibes from Jenaux. He’s taking funk to a new level with his bass-infused electronic vibes. He also had another quality track out in October, ‘Love & Devotion (feat. Kelli-Leigh)‘.

Final Djs -- I Feel Free (ft. Bright Light Bright Light)

Long time ago since I’ve listened to Final Djs, but this new track with Bright Light Bright Light on vocals is fantastic! I’m getting a 90s pop feel? Maybe that’s just me. Cool stuff anyway.

Hiva, J.R. Mark -- From The Ghetto

Hiva and J.R. Mark are two artists I’ve never heard before. But this disco tune was seriously foot-tapping and that deserves a place and an closer look for the artists in the future.

Abelard -- iPhone Launch (Falling in Love)

Abelard was also back in October with more stuff, which made me really happy! He made the fantastic and viral vaporwave track called SEINWAVE 2000 back 2015 and later released his first EP filled with self-termed “glitterwave” vibes. In this new EP we’re still going retro, and there are a couple of dope gems in there!

SAË -- Wild (feat. Sky Renee)

Saë reached out to Groovilant as one of the first everartists during the summer and I was blown away by his YouTube live performances. Definitely keep an eye out for this guy; only roughly 350 followers on SoundCloud -- how can that be??

PREP -- Don’t Look Back (feat. Shownu & So!YoON!)

I have a thing for PREP. I was intrigued by the vocals from the very first listen and they’ve grown on me ever since. The band’s overall vibe is super infectious at the same time, and I’m hoping they are taking their touring to Europe and Denmark in the near future. New EP dropping on 9th November!

Phlake -- Waited All Summer (feat. Mercedes)

My fellow Danes from Phlake have such a modern and soulful vibe with a lot of groove too! With their new track they again give an incredible vocal performance and show us some distinctive and smooth pop vibes.

Hiroshi Satoh 佐藤博 -- Shiny Lady (Vantage// Edit)

I’m super curious to see where VANTAGE can take his sound these days. His future funk vibes has been on my radar for a few years now, ever since his lovely ‘Happiness Deluxe’ back in 2015. This month’s track is also amazingly groovy, so check out a few of his tracks here, and make sure you follow him to see his progression!

FARR -- Indecision

FARR appeared on my Discover Weekly on Spotify which stays one of the best suggestions in a long time. You can hear a fantastic quality in their soulful electro-beats, and even though they don’t have a lot of songs out yet, I’m sure they are going places if they keep it up!

Moullinex -- Carnival Feat. Shermar (ROMANCE ORCHESTRA Remix)

The Hypersex remixes EP was a juicy experience. All of the tracks are good and I discovered 4 new artists; that’s not happening often with remix EPs! This one by Romance Orchestra is definitely one of the best, but also check out the YANAGUI and YUKSEK remix in my blog post about it!

Patrice Rushen – Never Gonna Give You Up (Joey Negro Re-Grooved Mix)

Patrice Rushen is a legend within the disco genre and Joey Negro pays her the respect she deserves right here. Beautiful foot-tapping track – perfect for the weekend!

Get To Know -- The Big Throwdown (Original Mix)

Get To Know is back! And what a lovely knew disco original this is. Larry is such an amazing producer who deserves so much more attention, imo. I’ll feature him on the upcoming podcast as well. Make sure you show some love ❤️

Rhodz -- Carry On

Wauw. We’re talking Madeon-like shit here, guys! Huge quality from Rhodz.

Late Night Radio -- In My Mind (ft. Julianna Reed)

Late Night Radio is an amazing producer and one I’ve enjoyed for many years. He’s changed his regular style in this track, and I was astonished by this gorgeously soulful and slow track with smooth vocals from Julianna Reed. New single out in November as well!

Braxton Cook -- When You Hold Me

To keep the soulful vibes going, continue with Braxton Cooks amazing single off his new EP.

Anderson .Paak -- Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Anderson .Paak’s new album is soon out and this super hot track was released as a teaser in October. He’s an amazing artist and I can’t wait for the album to drop.

Anderson .Paak -- Come Down (Taimles TrapFunk Remix)

And let’s stay with Anderson .Paak for a minute. Another surprisingly funky tune of this month’s picks is from Taimles who made a fantastic remix/mashup of .Paak’s ‘Come Down’. Really cool stuff.

OPOLOPO & Hanlei -- Working Hard

It’s always a pleasure when OPOLOPO releases new music. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by this Swede’s top-of-class skills which have been perfected over the decades he’s been active now. I’m amazed how modern and danceable it always is.

Bonus Points -- Supertouch (feat. Guggenz)

Beat maker Bonus Points is out with a new album, ‘Eventide’, and it’s insanely good! The title track ‘Eventide’ is super smooth, ‘Ravioli Ravioli’ and ‘Full Send’ are sooo playful, and ‘Supertouch’ with Guggenz is banging. Sunny feel-good vibes all over.

Isaac Galvez -- Blue Rose

Stratford is one of the labels that I have immense respect of (Bonus Points and iamalex actually just released an EP there). The label’s been active for a few years now, but has been featuring fantastic people with tracks that often blows me away. Isaac Galvez is one of the super talented ones, and he’s been producing for several people for years (e.g. the amazing Boulevards). This new groovy original is really showing off his skills!

Tightshirt -- Overdosed

Tightshirt’s taking together some sexy disco and house vibes to create a lovely, danceable weekend vibe.

Jarami -- Cold Blooded

Jarami should be no stranger when it comes to the funky house scene, and the duo’s new track is no different: Quality. Fantastic vibes with a lovely set of vocal samples, including a cool choir-like sample in between. Definitely check out the rest, they have some super catchy instrumentals as well. Btw, if it’s not available in your country, find it on YouTube and Spotify!

Midnight Pool Party -- Stand A Chance

Midnight Pool Party is also back! Yay! Been a fan ever since their first track on SoundCloud so I’m happy to hear is out from this multi-talented, funky producer duo. Get the release here:

Nurse -- Where We Going (Oscar Bandersen Remix)

Wayward -- Time & Again

Finishing off with a couple of house tracks! First you’re listening to a great house remix by the Dane, Oscar Bandersen, of the artist Nurse. Then another Dane, Caius, with some smooth house vibes. Three Danes in one selection again, whew. Finally Wayward’s new disco house original beautifully encapsules this months selection—he also got a track in the Hypersex remixes!

Thanks so much for listening. Let me know if you’d like me to create Spotify/Apple Music playlists for these tracks in the future!


Vulfpeck -- It Gets Funkier IV (feat. Louis Cole)

oof, I totally forgot Vulfpeck! I even backed their white LP in October. Get in!

Here are also the honorable mentions that really deserves some respect too. Hit me up on Twitter if you need a quick link to all of them (I have them on SoundCloud).

1) Young Futura released a dope future track called Wall Flower. It’s gone now for some reason, but might turn up again soon! Find it on YouTube for now.
2) Mercer, the old EDM dude, released an uptempo disco house track. Didn’t expect this, but liking the change in style!
3) Brennan Villines new EP.
4) Mosey released ‘So Damn Funky’. Promising, but a bit generic lyrics.
…updating the rest on the fly!


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