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2 min readAll Good Grooves Released in November – 55 Tracks


You don’t believe it, do you? Can’t be THAT many good grooves in November…

Well. Let me tell you this. There are even more, but below ones are hand-picked and fantastic in each of their own ways. Disco, funk, soulful grooves, electro.. beautiful 🎧

I’m also writing up four blogposts that go deeper into the playlist’s tracks; disco funk tracks, the best talents, party vibes, and chill tracks.

As a new thing, check out the Spotify playlist as well! 🔥

Hope you enjoy and discover some surprisingly great music.

13 Disco & Funk Tunes

I’ve curated the best tracks with disco and funk vibes from November. I promise they will get you groovin’ just right! Patawawa strikes again, the next Todd Terje released an EP, there are smooth vibes, and some amazing unknown talents you’ll love.

Find the 13 disco and funk tracks here ↤

The Best Party Grooves

Throwing a party in December? Play the best uptempo party ones from November! Pretty Sister and Jerry Folk released amazing music, GRiZ is back, the Frenchman Roman Kouder is back, and just straight-up 🔥-vibes.

Find the 12 party tunes here ↤

Grooving Talents: 10 Great Releases

Finding talents on SoundCloud will never be boring. There are so many dope releases all the time, people testing their skills, and so many hopeful minds.

Listen to the 10 talented acts here ↤

9 Groovy Chill Tracks

It’s always lovely getting the smooth vibes in between the uptempo grooves. Here are the best ones with a new FKJ, Handbook, the amazing Flamingosis, and other surprisingly great tunes.

↦ Kick back and listen ↤

Hope you like what your hear! I feel this is a good way to present all the good grooves each month. Hope you dig this way too.

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