Hi! Why are you here, friend?

I think that’s an interesting thing to start with. You. The one that will eventually shape Groovilant.

I believe you’re the curious type; the type that doesn’t settle with mediocre pop, rap or RnB music every time there is a track on the radio or your friends play something on streaming services.

Not that those genres are bad or anything. Not at all. I actually enjoy them a lot, just in different varieties.

I think you’ve come here with a similar thought. Looking for something unique and surprising, something that challenges your taste in music—and something awesome you can play to your friends in return.

Or maybe you’re just here to be part of something different than the rest 🙌

If above is just a little bit true: Welcome. You have certainly come to the right place—and thank you so much for being here!

Groovilant is the place to discover surprisingly great music!

And what does that actually mean?

I’ve personally been quite addicted to discovering music for many years now. I’m often so pleasantly surprised by the quality that hides in the corners of SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and even Spotify. I really enjoy interacting with the artists, playing their music to myself on the stereo, and surprising friends with the vibes that make me happy.

“Hey, what track is that, dude, it’s awesome”. Not that it happens often, but it’s awesome to know people get inspired and like the same stuff 🕺

So why am I doing this? That’s what this page is all about, right. I do it because I hope to spread the happiness that I’ve enjoyed and felt over the past years. Discover, enjoy, relax, party… Groovilant is the place to start for each of these points. And more.

And now…

If you made it all the way to the bottom here, thanks again. I think you’re made of some of the same material that I am. And that will make your stay with Groovilant awesome, I’m sure.

Please reach out to me on Twitter if you have something you want to say. Also find Groovilant on Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud for daily updates.

And just enjoy your stay. That’s actually the most important thing. If you don’t, please let me know.

And before you leave, please do me a favor and check out the podcast (coming soon). It’s the first time I’m doing this and would love to hear if it works—I’ve been preparing for months, so I hope it’s above average! 🖐️😃

Thanks again ❤️